Friday, 20 January 2012

Configure Laptop as a WIFI router

Here is a step by step instruction to use a laptop as WIFI Router and access Internet through it on any other WIFI enabled deivce in ad-hoc mode :

1. Go to Start, Control Panel, Network Connections. Right click the wireless connection (it should be called “Wireless Network Connection”) and select properties.

2. On the window that will show up, click on the Wireless Networks tab. Make sure that no wireless networks are being listed under "Preferred Networks". If you see networks there, remove them one by one.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Caring for your notebook computer

Proper care of your notebook computer is essential. It can extend the life of your computer drastically and keep it running in tip-top shape for years. Many of the problems seen on TSF are direct results of improper care of notebook computers. This thread addresses those issues and is applicable if your notebook is new or old. In this thread I am going to offer a few guidelines to help you better care for your computer.

Do not use your notebook directly on your lap, couch or bed.
If you notice, I refer to portable computers as “Notebooks”. This is because the term “Laptop” is a misnomer. Modern notebook computers produce a lot of heat and they need to be cooled. This is accomplished through ventilation systems that allow cool air to be drawn into hot areas of the computer. Most of these vents are located underneath the computer. Using your notebook directly on these surfaces is asking for it to overheat. It also allows dust and fibers from the cloth to be drawn into the computer which will coat and clog the cooling system, reducing its effectiveness drastically.

Transferring Video Files from a Camcorder to a Computer

You can transfer video files without using the camcorder’s software if, like most camcorders these days, your camera has a hard drive or uses a memory card.
Quite a few of the camcorder software packages can be difficult to work with and sometimes will not work at all. They usually have limited editing options, often less than Windows Moviemaker offers.
To download files from a camcorder hard drive:
1) Set up a folder on your computer or use the existing My Videos folder. For archiving purposes it is a good idea to set up sub folders with some kind of identifying name; e.g. lake picnic_july2011.
2) Plug the camera in via USB.
3) Plug the camcorder power cable into a wall socket or ensure you have enough battery life left to execute the transfer.
Caution: If you run out of power midway through a transfer, some files may be corrupted.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

NVIDIA Tegra 3 Tablet Running Windows 8 Showcased by NVIDIA and Microsoft

It goes without saying that for this year, Windows 8 would become the most important operating systems across any platform once it goes gold sometime third quarter this year. We say any platform because Windows 8 is designed for both small screens (phones/tablets) and big screens alike (notebooks/PCs). Plus, it's made to be operable on the traditional x86 processing architecture and on the ARM processors too. Think of it as a much grander scheme to how Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is standardizing progression and features across phones and tablets, only this time, the elements of Windows 8 are going to prevail everywhere. We'll share more on that on further updates but first, here's a demo from Aidan Marcuss, Senior Director for Microsoft Windows, as he briefly showed off  a Tegra 3 based tablet running Windows 8 during NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang's media press conference:-

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Google, Mozilla Seal US$900 Million Firefox Search Deal

Firefox has risen quickly in the last few years to become one of the most dominant browsers in the market. The free-to-use browser is a product from Mozilla, a non-profit organization, who's dedicated to a free and open web experience.
But non-profit organizations still need funding in one form or another. And because it's one of the most popular browsers in the market, companies that deal in search would naturally want to be the default search engine in Firefox.
Google has skipped past Yahoo and Microsoft to seal an important three-year deal with Mozilla to be Firefox's default search engine. According to All Things D, Google contributed to 84% of Mozilla's US$123 million revenue for 2010.
Google's own browser, Chrome (version 15) has already surpassed all other browsers to become the most popular browser on the Internet, and this deal with Mozilla will continue to bolster Google's presence on the Web.
All Things D also reported that despite the lucrative Google deal, Mozilla still maintains partnerships with other search providers such as Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Amazon and eBay.

Matikan fungsi semakan ejaan pada Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 didatangkan dengan fungsi semakan ejaan serta nahu. Fungsi ini berguna jika anda menaip dokumen dalam Bahasa Inggeris, namun boleh jadi menjengkelkan jika anda menaip dokumen dalam Bahasa Malaysia.
Selain itu, terdapat juga fungsi AutoCorrect yang akan membetulkan ejaan secara automatik, contohnya perkataan ‘komputer’ akan ditukar kepada ‘computer’ walaupun ianya disengajakan.

Padam monitor secara automatik sambil meneruskan muat-turun

Bagi peminat tegar filem seperti saya, saya suka membiarkan komputer terpasang pada waktu malam untuk "mendownload".Namun silau daripada monitor adalah tidak baik untuk dibawa tidur ya adik-adik. Jadi saya tetapkan supaya monitor dipadam secara automatik sambil membiarkan muat-turun dijalankan.
Untuk membuat tetapan ini, buka Control Panel dan cari “Edit power plan”. Atau jika anda menggunakan laptop anda boleh tekan pada ikon bateri di Taskbar, dan pilih “Power Options”, kemudian pilih “Change plan settings”.
Pada tetingkap yang seterusnya, ubah tetapan mengikut kesesuaian. Seperti contoh yang saya letakkan di atas, saya tetapkan “Turn off the display” kepada 5 minit. Pastikan “Put the computer to sleep” diletakkan pada ‘Never’ kerana anda masih ingin membiarkan proses muat-turun berjalan.

Facebook Warning: App Profile Pages Set For Deletion

Facebook App Profile Page managers have begun receiving notifications that their Profile Pages will be eliminated Feb. 1.
Administrators can transfer Likes to their new Facebook Pages, if they take action in advance.
“In December we announced to developers that we’ll remove App Profile Pages on Feb. 1, 2012 so that users will be directed straight to an app or a traditional Facebook Page when searching for it,” a Facebook spokesperson wrote Mashable in an email, referring to a Dec. 9, 2011 poston its Developers Blog.
“In addition to lessening the amount of steps it takes for a user to get to an app, this move will also help eliminate the inconsistencies that exist between App Profile Pages and traditional Facebook Pages, such as different Insights, APIs, and distribution channels.”

Tt eSPORTS Spawns the Black Combat White Gaming Mouse

Tt eSPORTS introduces the Black Combat White Gaming Mouse.
Source: Tt eSPORTS

Exactly like the Black Gaming Mouse aesthetically, they also share the same technical specifications. Encased rubber coating, the white finishing on both sides ensure firm control of the mouse.
Employing the Philips 4000 Laser Engine, the Black Combat White comes with a 1.8m braided USB cable. Like most gaming mice in the current market, its DPI can be adjusted according to gaming needs. Its teflon material feet ensure increased durability, while its weigh-in design makes accurate mouse swiping effortless.

AOC to Unveil HD USB-Powered 22-inch Monitor at CES 2012

AOC announces the 22-inch USB Monitor, the e2251Fwu.
Source: AOC

Receiving both power and signal via its USB connection, the eco-friendly HD LED monitor offers simple plug-and-play connectivity. Measuring only 10.6mm thin, it delivers with Full HD 1080p resolution, 20,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 200cd/m2 brightness, and 5ms response time. Also, its removable stand allows it to be transformed into a digital photo frame or presentation display.
The e2251Fwu will be showcased at the CES 2012, Jan 10-13th, at the Bellagio, Monet 3 Ballroom.